Our Team


The MRULE-ICA program has two co-directors and four neighborhood supervisors. The directors of the program operate out of the Multicultural Unity Center (Mosaic). Neighborhood supervisors operate out of various locations throughout campus. Supervisors support ICAs in the multifaceted aspects of the ICA position by educating, coaching, and developing teams. Click here to get in contact with them today.

Intercultural Aides (ICAs)

Intercultural Aides live and work in residence halls to build genuine relationships across difference through collaboration with their RAs. While striving to be academic and social role models, ICAs promote intercultural engagement and student sense of belonging, well-being, and academic success. ICAs work on diverse and collaborative teams to lead their peers in weekly sociocultural conversations, nurturing a learning environment in community with diverse people and perspectives. Through their work, ICAs help students connect personally, socially, and intellectually to pursue a sense of purpose and engage more holistically with their campus, community, and world.

ICAs engage in rigorous planning behind the scenes to make MRULE happen. MRULE includes round table discussions (RTDs) where students have the opportunity to discuss social issues, community building on residential floors with events, and bringing students to service opportunities through our partnerships.

MRULE Assistants

MRULE assistants are past ICAs or RTD facilitators who advise and guide current ICAs. As MRULE assistants attend planning meetings and roundtable discussions, they give ICAs feedback to help create a continually improving RTD space.


The ICA-MRULE program partners with other organizations on MSU’s campus, the broader community, and the international level. Our program seeks to create lasting partnerships to help create lasting impact. Learn more about our partnerships here.