Our Story

The MRULE-ICA program provides engaged learning opportunities for all students to cross difference and build community, increasing the magnitude of intercultural engagement across campus. Dr. Richard Thomas, a historian specializing in interracial unity and Black Detroit, was involved in creating both the ICA and MRULE programs at MSU. The programs began as two separate entities that merged into one during The Fusion in 2014.

Here is how it all began.


Birth of the ICA Program


BSA student leaders Don Coleman and Richard Thomas wrote a proposal in an attempt to retain black students at MSU. The program began as Black Student Aide Program and adapted with time to include Asian Pacific American, LatinX, and Native American students. In 2011 the program morphed in the Intercultural Aide program to be inclusive of all students.

Birth of Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience (MRULE)


Co-founders Jeanne Gazel and Richard Thomas create MRULE, facilitating student discussion around social issues and other controversial topics. Program began with 24 participants.

MRULE Student Leaders


MRULE student leaders begin taking on facilitating roundtable discussions, along with the other three components of the program: service, socials, and community building trips.

MRULE Expands


MRULE groups expand to five buildings: Akers, Brody, Shaw, West Circle and Wilson.

Academic Partnerships Begin


Integrative Studies, Teacher Education, and Sociology classes integrate MRULE RTD participation into their curriculum.

Founding of Unity Project


The Unity Project was a pilot learning community formed with 10 individuals from the MRULE, ICA, and REHS communities. The project laid the foundation for the MRULE-ICA Program Fusion.

Mosaic: The Multicultural Unity Center Opens


After 14 years of being located in the basement of the MSU Union, Mosaic moves to a more prominent location on the second floor.

The Fusion


The Intercultural Aide and MRULE program fuse with a new vision.

Continued Expansion


MRULE-ICA program grows from 4 to 11 RTDs per week.