Are you a student looking to get involved with the MRULE-ICA Program? Reach out to your ICA or find a Round Table Discussion in your neighborhood!

MRULE Discussions take place from 8:30–9:30 p.m

Brody Neighborhood 

Every Monday & Tuesday | Brody Hall, Room 134

East Neighborhood 

Every Monday | Hubbard Hall, Room C132 and Holmes Hall, Room C103

Every Tuesday | Akers Hall, Room C136

North Neighborhood

Every Monday | Snyder-Phillips Hall, Room C201/C203 or Mosaic Multipurpose Room

River Trail Neighborhood

Every Tuesday | McDonel Hall, Kiva

South Neighborhood 

Every Monday | Holden Hall, Room C135/C136 and and Wonders Hall, Kiva

Every Tuesday | Wilson Hall, Essex Room Case Hall, Room C342