Students on and off campus are welcome to join a variety of MRULE activities with ICAs.

Times and location of MRULE RTDs

MRULE RTDs take place every Monday and Tuesday from 8:30–9:30 p.m.

Monday: 132 Hubbard, C103 Holmes, Mosaic (2nd Floor Union), 134 Brody, C10 Wonders

Tuesday: 136 Akers, C107 McDonel, C201 Snyder, 134 Brody, C136 Holden

RoundTable Discussions (RTDs)

By sharing your voice and listening to the perspectives of others, RTDs give the opportunity to explore various topics within a diverse community. Afterwards, ICAs and participants always continue the conversation at late night to enjoy food and socialize together.


As a part of connecting with the broader community, ICAs bring MRULE participants to serve with our partners every semester. These service trips help MRULE participants grow their relationships with each other while building relationships with the local community.


ICAs live in the residence halls to build community and support students in their college transition. Knock on your ICAs door to chat and join the MRULE community outside officially organized activities. Many students meet friends through MRULE that last through their college experience.